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2015 Christmas/New Years Pics

Christmas - New Years Pictures!!!



KC Collins Hummel

L: Justin (son), Don, Amy (Justin's wife)
M: KC, Maddie the Border Collie
R: (Back to front) Shawn (Heather's husband), Heather (daughter), Heather's kids ( Cade 12, Bailey 15 in Jan, Ella 9)
Happy NEW YEAR!! 


Patty Gould Duff

Front to back:  Mom & brother Denny, future grandson in-law Jacob, son Ben, Granddaughter Morgan holding great grandson Lucas, Me, my brother's girlfriend Roxan and my granddaughter Taylor.


Vic Hellberg

Front row: Gayle Hellberg, Grandaughter Summer Lindblom, Erika Hellberg Lindblom, Granddaughter Aubree Lindblom.  Back row: Vic, Kevin Lindblom, Nicole Hellberg